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What Is Solid Man®?


The mission of the Solid Man® Process is to set a man’s heart free; to overcome his difficult life challenges and to engage his world with healthy masculine presence.

If you are stuck or paralyzed in life. If porn or other addictions have taken over. If anger, anxiety or depression have taken you out of the game. If your relationships have taken a beating. If you desire to be the man that you know you are. Then the Solid Man® Process is for you.

This is not a Sex Addiction process, even though you will eliminate porn and unwanted, compulsive sexual behavior from your life.

This is not a Pick-Up Artist process, even though you will become much more confident and connected with the women in your life.

This is not a Fix-Your-Marriage process, even though you will give your marriage and your relationships the best chance of becoming great.

This process is for you and all about you. It is designed to help you become the strongest most confident man you can be, so you can live with presence and integrity. When you start building your core, you will see immediate change.

You already get too many messages that say what is wrong with you, the Solid Man® Process releases what is right about you. You will find out that you already have all the tools you need to overcome the problems you face and to create the life and relationships you want.

Solid Man® is designed to support as many men as possible to move powerfully into their world and relationships with intention, passion and purpose.

Solidman.org exists so the entire world can experience the true design of masculinity. Our culture presently has quite a bit of confusion and misunderstanding about manhood and masculinity.  Masculinity is good; each man has been designed to move with freedom, presence and strength while being a force for good in our world.

The Team

SolidMan Mission

Life can be a mysterious experience. Each moment is filled with the unknown and risk.

As men we are faced with decisions and opportunities constantly. When things get difficult or unmanageable we don’t have many options; we freeze, withdraw or fight. Being a solid man won’t eliminate the mystery of life, but it will give you the tools to embrace each moment as it comes with confidence. There are so many other ways to move into life than paralysis and conflict. Here are some options to set you on your way to becoming a solid man.

Ken Curry MA, LMFT

My name is Ken Curry; I am a father, husband, mentor and friend. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in Colorado. My specialties in my work are manhood, masculinity and relationships. I have developed the Solid Man process to give direction and create pathways to becoming a strong, present, confident man who influences his world with intent and passion.

The Process & The Options

The Solid Man® Process

A Strong Path Toward Transformation

The Solid Man® Process is designed to set you free to be the man you have been made to be. You will reclaim your heart and your integrity. You will develop courage and confidence in the face of real life. You will develop strong personal practices for a life of vitality. Your masculinity will be respected for the goodness and power it holds. You will develop understanding and confidence in relationships and community. You will eliminate destructive patterns and distractions from your life. As you move through the Five Pillars, you will “Master the Art of Being a Man”.

The 5 Pillars

“Mastering the Art of Being a Man”

  • To Awaken the Internal,
  • To Embrace the Void,
  • To Live with Intention,
  • To Master the Masculine,
  • To Deepen Your Relationships;

This is the Path of a Solid Man®.

5 Pillar Diagram – Click to view larger version.

Ways of becoming a solid man

We offer several options to master the art of becoming a solid man to match your particular needs. Whether the they be accommodations for individuals in a group, location necessities, or just personal preference. The ultimate goal is to bring out the man you want to be and become a solid man for your happiness and the happiness of loved ones around you.

Do It Yourself is for those men who are on a tight budget and want to do this as inexpensively as possible. You’ll work through the Solid Man® Process through the workbooks and podcasts on your own timeframe, subscribe to get the recent free blog posts and podcasts, read through a list of significant books and all while starting your own group. This can be done with an efficient use of your investment.
Moving through this material with other men is essential. There are four main ways to get involved with the Solid Man® Group process.

  1. Men in the Denver Metro area can experience my groups here at my office.
  2. You can use my resources to start and facilitate your own group in your own location.
  3. You can join one of our online communities for discussion and interaction.
  4. You can sign up for a weekend Solid Man™ Accelerator for groups up to six men, to get a powerful start to your group work.

Weekend intensives for training group leaders are also available.

Individual counseling through the Solid Man® Process is available as a great option. Take advantage of the opportunity to enter into counseling/coaching with Ken in his office or online. This can be done through hourly sessions or a weekend intensive which is called the Solid Man® Accelerator. He also does couples work if and when that would be needed for you.

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SolidMan® Products & Services

50-minute Coaching Session with Ken

Cost: e-mail for cost

Being a solid man won’t eliminate the mystery of life, but it will give you the tools to embrace each moment as it comes – with confidence. Coaching is a customized process of equipping, training and practicing the skills you need to become a solid man.
See Details & Purchase

Awakening The Internal:

How to Become a Man of Strength and Freedom

Cost: $14.99 Paperback, $3.49 Kindle Edition

The Solid Man™ Process Book 1
Gain Strength and Freedom in Your Life With One Simple Shift.
What if you could break free in your life and live with strength, confidence and purpose; even in the most frustrating areas of your life? Imagine a life free of struggles that have haunted you your entire life.
See Details & Purchase

Solid Man® Accelerator

An intense life immersion into the Solid Man® Process.

Cost: $2,995.00

The Solid Man® Process is a strong path toward the transformation of your life. You will get to the core of your life difficulties and begin to develop the life you want.
The Solid Man® Process is designed to set you free to be the man you have been made to be.
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