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Awakening The Internal: How to Become a Man of Strength and Freedom (The Solid Man Process Book 1)

Awakening the Internal; How to Become a Man of Strength and Freedom
Gain Strength and Freedom in Your Life With One Simple Shift.
What if you could break free in your life and live with strength, confidence and purpose; even in the most frustrating areas of your life? Imagine a life free of struggles that have haunted you your entire life.
The Man’s Counselor and Developer of the Solid Man Process, Ken Curry LMFT, presents the remarkable and simple process hundreds of men have used to gain freedom from painful struggles that all men face. Professional Athletes, Electricians, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Mechanics and Stay-at-Home Dads have all successfully walked through the Solid Man Process where Ken answers the Prime Question; How do I break-free, once and for all?
In this book you’ll learn:
Why some people seem to be able to “rocket” towards success in life
How to finally win the fight over struggles that you’ve never been able to break
What is the source of stress, anxiety and feelings of powerlessness
How to gain confidence in life
How to become centered in life
What it takes to build true integrity
How to live your life like it has been intended
How to gain trust and connection in your relationships
How to become the man you were designed to be
It all starts with one simple, yet profound core life shift.

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